MicShaun's Closet Custer's Last Stand Supersized Playset Little Big Horn

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  • MicShaun's Closet proudly present TSSD's Updated Little Big Horn Supersized Playset 
  • Set includes:
  •   160 Unpainted Figures
  •    85 Indians - 25 Poses on foot and horseback including Crazy Horse Figure
  •       75  7th Cavalry/Scouts/Civilians - 40 poses on foot and horseback including        George A. Custer Figure
  •       24 Horses - various colors and poses - includes 2 modified dead/wounded  horses
  • Buyer may choose TSSD's beautifully hand painted Custer's Hill or Reno Hill (pictured is Custer's Hill)

  • 1 TSSD hand painted Dead Horse Barricade
  • 2 Atherton Scenics hand painted Tee Pee's
  • 18 TSSD Indian Weapons - spears/arrows/war clubs
  • Hard Polyfoam diorama pieces and plastic figures and horses
  • Both hills are Extremely detailed with rocks, tall grass and horse hoof prints
  • Comes in white playset box with Mark Churms "Brother's Keeper - George and Tom Custer" Artwork
  • All Figure sets will come in colored playset paper bags
  • Tips and suggestion sheet for accessories will be included
  • Brief summary of the Battle of Little Big Horn
  • Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for assembly and delivery of this amazing supersized playset
  • Shipping is $30 in the US.  Please inquire for shipping international.

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