About US - the Story of MicShaun's Closet

My life long dream has been to own a Toy/Hobby Store. Since I was a little boy, I have loved plastic toy soldiers. They gave me an opportunity to escape to those long-ago battles in history as well as the ability to depict some of my favorite scenes from war movies made in the 60’s and 70’s. I would spend hours using my imagination recreating these epic battle scenes in the dirt of my backyard and my sandbox that my Dad built for me.

Life took over – high school, marriage, children. My love for toy soldiers has never wavered.

Fast forward to 2005 we had an opportunity to begin selling items on eBay. We began selling items we found on sale such as comic book and Jack Daniels collectibles, back packs, t-shirts and other music collectibles as well as selling used items from our home. Particularly our son’s toys and gently used clothing. We have always had a love of Halloween and soon we branched into costumes, masks and accessories.

I still kept up with the newer toy soldier manufacturer’s and eventually started buying Marx, MPC, Accurate, BMC, CTS, TSSD and others. About this time, we decided to make eBay more of a part time business rather than just a hobby. eBay had become a source of additional income for our family.

We changed our name to MicShaun’s Closet and opened a larger store on eBay. The name MicShaun’s Closet is a combination of the names of our sons, Michael and Shaun. We decided on this name partly because we felt that the items we were selling was stuff we would find in their closets. Our tag line became “Come play in our world – where fun begins”.

Today we are a husband and wife owned business. We run this business out of our home in Nashville, Tennessee. All the work you see here is handled by us. My wife, Kim and I enjoy the customer service aspect of the business and, talking with our customers about the items we sell.

We have a long-track record of excellent service through our eBay store – maintaining PowerSeller status as well as having hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers. We are pleased to branch out from eBay to include this Shopify store, Amazon and selling through Facebook.

The dream of owning a toy/hobby store continues... Welcome to our world!

David and Kim