TSSD Roman Marching Fort or Camp TS139

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TSSD - Toy Soldiers of San Diego

  • Roman Marching Fort/Camp - Painted
  • TS139
  • Hard Polyfoam - Sand/Tan and Dark Brown
  • Regular fort is 27" by 27"
  • Consists of a gated entry with second story look-out/firing point and two short front wall pieces (front wall), three 18" straight walls and four curved corner walls - total of 12 pieces
  • Some assembly required
  • Additional wall pieces can be purchased separately to expand your fort
  • Painted figures not included - shown for scale only
  • Forms a complete stand-alone fort/camp
  • Plenty of area to set up soldiers

When the Roman Legions were on the march in hostile territory, they would construct a "marching fort or camp", prior to sunset in 'the wilds' of Germania, Gaul, Britain and etc.

The Roman Legionnaires would carry one or two pointed logs while on the march. Then they would form a mound of earth around the chosen perimeter.

The pointed stakes would then be driven into the dirt mound to form a log & dirt barricade.

(these resembled log forts as used in the American Revolutionary War, Civil War, etc. )

The 'fort' would generally have a gated entry.ÿ If camped for longer periods of time, the entry would be more elaborate.

Sometimes the 'marching forts' would become permanent and more detailed forts, housing many more legionnaires.

There are many websites and photos on-line featuring 'marching forts'.

In the 2 latest 'roman' movies you can see marching forts, Centurion" and "The Eagle".

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