Safari Ltd. Painted Hydra Multi Headed Mythology Creature

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    • The multi-headed Hydra, serpent of the swamp at Lerna, comes from a strange family. Its siblings include Cerberus the three-headed dog and the Chimera, a lion, goat, serpent hybrid. The Hydra was raised by Hera to be the mortal enemy of the hero Hercules.

      • Scientific Name: Hydra
      • Characteristics: Writhing necks and razor-sharp teeth dominate this figure. In mythology, a Hydra that lost a head would regrow two more in its place!
      • Size and Color: A shiny purple complements the Hydra’s silver underbelly. Piercing red eyes and an aqua-colored mouth complete the contrast of this 7 ½ inch long by 4 ½ tall figure, which works out to slightly large than a softball.
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