Safari Ltd. Civil War Painted Confederate Infantry Soldiers Super Toob 100713

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    • History: There were many causes of the Civil War, with slavery being at the forefront. Slaves imported from Africa were a large part of the labor force in the South, and the Confederates believed that the North’s attempts to eliminate slavery were an infringement on their Constitutional rights, while the North believed that enslavement of other human beings violated their human rights.
    • Characteristics: This TOOB features highly detailed and accurate minifigures representing the Confederate Army of the American Civil War. Includes 11 figures: a kneeling Corporal, a kneeling Rifleman, charging Private, a charging Sergeant, a rifle-loading Infantryman, a rifle-loading Private, a Cannon Loader, a Cannon, a Captain, the Captain’s Cavalry Horse, and a Tree Trunk.
    • Size: Each Super TOOB is 13 inches long and two inches wide, a little larger than a standard American ruler. The figures within measure up to three inches in height.
    • Products are Non-toxic and BPA free



Ships FREE in the USA

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