MicShaun's Closet Alamo Unpainted Palisade Artillery Position Wall Section MICSH105UN

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MicShaun's Closet Proudly Presents another NEW piece for your Alamo!

  • Alamo Palisade Artillery Position Wall Section
  • #MicSh105
  • Hard Polyfoam
  • Unpainted - as shown in photos
  • Artillery Position wall section is approximately 9.75" long x 7.75" wide X 3" TALL
  • Figures NOT included - shown for scale only
  • Another piece of the Alamo from Mark Lemon's "The Illustrated Alamo 1836"
  • Made to look like dirt earthwork with raised gun platforms, wood plank decking for cannons, and log palisade walls
  • This is 1 section from our 3 piece set of Unpainted Palisade Walls #MicSh103UN

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