Marx CTS WWII German 88MM Flak Gun Artillery and Crew

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The WW2 GERMAN ARTILLERY 15 piece plastic army men set features a 88mm Flak 18 cannon, two 88mm Flak 36 cannon, and 12 German troops in 4 different poses.

Both artillery models rotate on their bases, and the Flak 36 feature armored shields and barrels that elevate and lower by turning a knob on the side. Soldiers include 3 man artillery crew and an infantryman.

Figures are made from charcoal-gray color soft plastic with lots of detail and stand up to 2.4 inches tall. Artillery is made from Charcoal-Gray hard plastic and measure up to 3.5 inches tall or 7.75 inches long. All pieces are approximately 1:32 scale.

Item #67370

  • BMC CTS WW2 German Artillery Set
  • Color: Charcoal-Gray
  • 3 Flak Cannon & 12 Crew Figures
  • Scale: Approximately 1:32

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