Expeditionary Force War of 1812 Frontiersmen in Hunting Shirts

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Expeditionary Force 54AMR02-F

  • Frontiersmen
  • New in Box
  • 9 Figures - 9 Poses with swappable heads, arms and weapons
  • Figures Butternut/Tan Plastic
  • Figures are approximately 2.5" tall
  • War of 1812 - 1812 through 1815
  • Assembly required on figures - glue may be needed


The frontiersmen in hunting shirts are among the most recognizable American soldiers of the 18th and early 19th century.  Their presence can be found from the French & Indian Wars to the Alamo. 

A common headdress is the coonskin or beaver fur cap, often associated with Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, and the fictional Hawkeye.  Scots immigrants could prefer their own tufted bonnet while other ethnic groups, such as the French, might wear the stocking Phrygian cap.  These frontiersmen are frequently armed with hunting rifles instead of the military musket.  The most famous being the Kentucky Rifle with its distinctively-shaped stock and extra-long barrel. 

Some frontiersmen wear Indian-style buckskin shirts instead of hunting shirts. Their equipment consists of powder-horn, tomahawk, hunting knife, haversack, and water-bottle.  They are often marksmen being able to shoot at targets up to 200 yards, while the military smooth-bore musket is only effective up to 100 yards or so.




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