Atherton Scenics Painted Native American Tee Pee 9913

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Atherton Scenics

  • Painted Native American/Indian Tee Pee
  • ATH-TP-9913
  • Hard Polyfoam - Painted White Wash with Native American Etched Designs
  • Approximately 3.25" long (front to back) at the base x 4.5" tall
  • Figures NOT included - shown for scale only
  • Small Teepee similar to those used by the North American Plains Indians or other Indigenous People of North America.  This Small Teepee comes ready to be placed in any desired scene or diorama.  Realistically painted on all sides except the inner core.  Small holes can easily be drilled in the top to add pole tops for a more realistic effect.
  • Multi-use piece that can be used for many different periods and scenes
  • Detail and size is perfect for any diorama

Ships FREE in the USA

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