Painted Velociraptor Dinosaur Figure Prehistoric Jurassic Park

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Velociraptor was a small theropod dinosaur (about the size of a large turkey) that lived in what is now Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous Period (about 75 million years ago). It was a very fast runner, using its speed to outrun prey and its sharp claws to capture it. Velociraptor was a star in the Jurassic Park movie series.

  • Scientific Name: Velociraptor, meaning ‘swift seizer (or robber)’.
  • Size: This Velociraptor toy model is 6.25" long and 4.75" tall x 2.25" wide.
  • Arms raise and lower
  • Mouth opens and closes
  • Fantastic detail
  • Figure not included - shown for scale only

Ships FREE in the USA

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