BMC CTS Playset Trees 8 Piece Set

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BMC CTS Green Trees

  • Use in Many Different Playsets - Great For Dioramas and School Project
  • The WOODLAND FOREST 8 piece set includes 2 standing leafy green trees, 2 leafy green tree pairs in a row, 2 tan bare trees, and 2 brown bare trees. Made from slightly stiff HDPE plastic with a medium amount of detail, the trees stand up to 5.1inches tall and work with a wide variety of scales from 1:72 to 1:30. These accessories are 'flats' meaning they are very skinny on the sides.
  • Colors: Green, Tan & Brown
  • Size up to 5.1 inches tall
  • Scale: Approximately 1:32
  • Packaging: Clear Bag with Header Card

Ships FREE in the USA

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