BMC CTS Civil War Redoubt Fence Chevaux de Frise Naval Cannon

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From the BMC Toys CLASSIC TOY SOLDIER COLLECTOR SERIES, a fortified place for your defenders. The REDOUBT POSITION

12 piece set includes a timber reinforced earthwork cannon emplacement

6 brown rustic fence sections

4 brown Chevaux de Frise

Small black naval cannon

All parts are made from slightly stiff HDPE or stiff ABS with a medium amount of detail.

The redoubt measures 9.25 x 5 x 1.85 inches tall

Fence sections are 5.95 inches long.  The fences interlock in a zig-zag pattern and include 4 regular sections and 2 'damaged' looking sections.

Chevaux de Frise are 2.45 long x 1.25 tall and wide

Cannon is 3 inches long.

Parts are approximately 1:32 scale but work with any 1:35 to 1:29 scale figures.

Item #67366

New in plastic bag with header card

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