Tim Mee Toys Bucket of Army Men Green Tan Figures 54 Piece Set

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Tim Mee Bucket of Army Men


The Original Toy Soldier Bucket is back! The Tim Mee Tan vs. Green BUCKET of ARMY MEN includes 24 olive green and 24 tan plastic army guys, a mountain, olive green Patton Tank, tan Fighter Jets, and 2 flags, all packed in a sturdy plastic bucket. All pieces are proudly manufactured in the United States from HDPE & LDPE plastic with medium detail and just a little flashing. There are 12 different figures and all your old favorites are here, including minesweeper, bazookaman, radio operator, 60mm mortar, light machine gunner, kneeling rifleman, flame thrower, crawling rifleman, prone rifleman, bayonet fighter, and officer with binoculars and handgun. Figures stand up to 2.1 inches tall (54mm). Danger Mountain features 4 precarious ledges and is is made from sturdy gray color plastic (not thin vacu-formed) and measures 6.5 inches diameter by 5.75 inches tall. Tan has air support from smaller scale F-14 and F-15 Fighter Jets that measure nearly 7 inches long. Green's secrete weapon is their M48 Patton Tank that features a turret that rotates. Scales from 1:32 to 1:100. Bucket arrives packaged in a plain box optimized for shipping directly to you. These are real toys, meant to be set up, knocked over, picked up and played with for years to come. LITTLE GREEN ARMY MEN have even been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Recommended for ages 5 and up.


  • Tim Mee Bucket of Army Men
  • 24 Tan and 24 Olive Green Figures
  • Olive Green Patton Tank, Tan F-14 Jet and F-15 Fighter Jets
  • 5.75 inch tall Danger Mountain, 2 Flags, Sticker Sheet
  • Packaging: Sturdy Reusable Plastic Bucket


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