BMC Classic Marx Grandpa's Garden Crop Rows Ranch Fence Farm Characters Set

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Classic Marx by BMC

BMC Classic Marx Grandpa's Garden

  • 6 White Fence Sections
  • 3 Tan Figures - Gramps (approx. 2.5" tall), Jeff (approx. 2" tall) and Lassie (approx. 1.25" tall and .75" long)
  • 24 Green Vegetable Plants, 4 Brown Crop Row Bases
  • Scale: Approximately 1:29
  • Packaging: Polybag with Insert Card

This 13 piece playset includes 3 figures, 4 rows of crops and 6 fence sections.  The crop rows have 6 each corn, pole bean, tomato, and cabbage vegetable plants made from green HDPE plastic. The plants plug into 4 row bases made from slightly stiff brown color HDPE plastic. The fence sections interlock and are made from stiff white color HIPS plastic. The crops and fences will work with scales 1:32 to 1:24.

This is a set of real American Made plastic toys, meant to be set up, knocked over, picked up, and played with for many years to come. Packed in polybag bag with insert card and recommended for ages 5 and up.


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