BMC Classic Marx Space Academy Cape Canaveral Base Camp Furniture Accessory Set

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  • BMC Classic Mars Base Camp 
  • Cape Canaveral & Space Academy Furniture & Accessories
  • Scale: Up to 1:32
  • Size: up to 4 inches tall
  • Packaging: Poly-bag with Insert Card
  • This 24 piece set of includes a variety of space themed accessories and furniture. The following pieces are made from slightly stiff stainless steel color HDPE plastic: Gravity Chamber, Observatory Dome with skylight, 3 chamber Fuel Tank, Radar Antenna, Supply Cabinet, Speaker Tower, Laser on Stand, Searchlight on base, Camera on stand, Telescope on stand, and Disc Antenna. These pieces are made from slightly stiff red HDPE plastic: Teacher Desk, Chair, Easel, Ladder, 2 Student Desks, 4 Student Benches, Control Chair, and Control Console.
  • These accessories were first offered in the 1950s by LOUIS MARX AND COMPANY and were included in a number of their legendary playsets spanning many years including Tom Corbett Space Academy, Space Patrol, Rex Mars, Captain Space, Cape Canaveral, Operation Moonbase, Martian Landing and even the 1979 Galaxy Command Playset during the Star Wars craze. This new production is manufactured using the original molds.
  • Ships FREE in the USA

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